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Rotary punch and Dies

로타리 펀치 및 다이


  • - Customized tablet shape such as animal and fruit shapes
  • - Bellows & drip dust cups
  • - Special tooling for food, confectionery, industrial purposed application
  • - Troche Punch
  • - Tungsten Carbide Die
  • Hyosung Pharmatech. designs and manufactures punches and dies for tablet presses of all types according to EU (ISO), IPT (TSM) standards or specific standards of tablet presses manufacturers, following customer’s needs. Besides classical single tipped tooling, we are experienced in manufacturing all forms of composite multi-tipped tooling. Punches and dies are the key elements of the tableting process. They are responsible for the final appearance and shape of the manufactured tablets. Therefore they must be designed and produced with high precision and accuracy. During use, the tooling is exposed to high compression forces and they often compress powders of abrasive and corrosive properties. Such products always require the tooling to be made of high quality steel, an appropriately selected heat treatment process and sometimes the application of a special coating which can prevent some common tableting problems such as sticking, corrosion or abrasion. On extreme cases materials such as sintered carbides have to be used. We also have all the machining capability to machine monoblock multi-tipped tooling with the specialist machining technology all under one roof. These tooling solutions can be supplied for the customers to produce all different designs of round and shaped tablets. Hyosung Pharmatech tools are delivered in special plastic boxes which are also adapted for their storage. Each batch is provided with a full measurement report.

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