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Tablets Deduster

Tablet Deduster metal detector(Low Noise/Low Vibration)


Hyosung pharmtech’s “HSM1200”allows uphill type dedusting and deburring of any type of tablets.
Stepless vibration creates a vertical ascension of the products. The deduster’s inlet height can vary between 770 mm and 855 mm in direct relation with the outlet height required.

The “HSM1200”dedusters are equipped with a metal particles detector. As metal particles detectors are very sensitive to vibrations, the vibrating parts of the dedusters are isolated from the steady parts of the frame.

This permits reaching an optimal accuracy such as a spherical stainless steel part of 0,5 mm in the products. A high speed rejection mechanism instantly rejects non conform products.

The construction of this special frame saves space into the production room and reduces the retention areas. In addition, the circuit of tablets is therefore totally closed between the inlet into the deduster and the outlet of the metal particles detector. www


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  • Lifts the products during the process
  • Dust tight windows
  • Optimized window to see tablet movement
  • Patented suspension system based on soundproof and anti-vibration effect eliminates vibration noise of housing. (10-2017-0001833) 
  • Compact design, minimum footprint
  • Upward conveying of tablets generated by continuously adjustable vibration.
  • The process can be monitored visually at all times through a large acrylic windows.
  • The device outlet can be fitted with peripherals such as metal detectors, etc.
  • The outlet can be rotated 360° facing the inlet. The de-duster is therefore adjustable to the tablet press discharge configuration. 
  • Easy assembly and disassembly, no tools are need.
  • Conveying of tablets of 4~25mm diameter.
  • Easy to clean.

Calibration Sensitivities(Metal detector)
Head size Accuracy Ferrous Accuracy Non-Ferrous Accuracy STS 316L
95 x 38mm 0.3mm 0.35mm 0.5mm
Technical data: HSM 1800
Inlet height (A) 1090 ~ 1175mm
Outlet height (B) 800mm-885mm
Floor dimensions (CxD) 770mm x 460mm
Capacity      Round tablets ø6mm 1,200,000 tabs/H
Round tablets ø8mm 1,000,000 tabs/H
Round tablets ø13mm 850,000 tabs/H
Shaped tablets 8x4mm 850,000 tabs/H
Shaped tablets 19x7mm 600,000 tabs/H
Noise level 72 Db
Electrical power

220VAC, 1Phase, 50/60Hz

Weight Approx. 220kg