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Tablets Deduster

Tablet deduster(General type)


    Hyosung pharmatech's uphill type deduster allows dedusting and deburring any type of tablets. Stepless vibration creates a vertical ascension of the products. The deduster’s inlet height can vary between 845mm and 1005mm in direct relation with the outlet height required. The spiral enabling ascending movement of the tablets has been achieved in 316L stainless steel with continuous TIG welding. This equipment uses a new principle of dust extraction, immediately separating any powder excess during the dedusting process. At the concept, an utmost care has been taken concerning the noise level as well as achievement following GMP standards. The clean-up is easy, not requiring any tooling. Equipments are available in mirror finished.
    >>Utility model registration number : 20-2009-0001373
    >> Patent registration for anti-static : 10-2009-0030846


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Model 6 Layer 9 Layer
C A P A C I T Y     Round ø5mm 1200,000 tab/h
Round ø8mm 1,000,000 tab/h
Round ø13mm 850,000 tab/h
Oval (9 x 7mm) 850,000 tab/h
Oval (19 x7mm) 600,000 tab/h
Dimensions(mm) 460(W) x 500(D) x 1427(H)
Inlet height(mm) 845~1005 915~935
Outlet height(mm) 910~1070 1040~1240
Input power 220V, 50/60Hz, 1Ph
Speed Vibration Type (Available Speed Control)
Compressed air required 1.5bar/h ~ 3bar/H
Ø Dust extraction connection ф38 ф38
Material STS304 and Connect part STS316L
Weight 97kg 135 kg