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Capsule De-duster

Capsule De-duster


HSC-500 range are mainly used for dedusting and polishing capsules, however HSC-500 can also be used for small and hard tablets.

A polyamide.nylon rotative screw without end achieves a polishing in a 316L stainless steel tube.

Use a mechanically rotating brush to gently remove and clean the remaining dirt from the capsule.

It also combines the GMP standards of the engineering functional structure, which is cured to make the most efficient ing and cleaning and maintenance easier.

Capsule inlet height is adjustable from 780 ~ 1030mm, outlet height is 620 ~ 1110mm

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Description Specifications
Motor 0.2Kw
Rotating R.P.M 1120
Brush Nylon diameter 0.5mm
Brush housing Pi 105mm x Length 834mm 3mm pi hole punching
Input height
Outlet height
780 ! 1030mm from floor space
620 ~ 1110mm from floor space
Input power 220v, 50/60Hz, 1P
Dimensions(length x width x height)mm 1105 x 360 x 1110
Weight Approx. 44kg